Saturday, February 28, 2009

Michael (Crossed Out)

Michael (Crossed Out) has moved to Billy Glad.

Sacrifice I The Sugar
Sacrifice I The Burning
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday Circa 1975
Easter Sunday Circa 1975
Le Monde Circa 1975
Michael (Crossed Out)


Decidere said...


I'd just sent this one out to a few people:

and here's one for Quinn.

Decidere said...

And if you liked the best song, there's more:

Cypher Blueman said...

Night Shift: Looks like Des and me.


Mephistopheles: OK boys. Let's put on a play.

Boito: Yes, master

Rothko: (looks around and is silent)

Glad: I'm interested, I dig your look, the outfit.

Boito: Will there be music? Can I write it?

Mephistopheles: LOL. Boito my friend, you think you're a composer?

Boito: PLease, oh please. I'll write the words too, and make the sets. One chance, master --the Gesamtwerk !

Meph: Maybe.

Rothko: (eyes open, head moves, but silent)

Weiss: Sets? What's the play?

Meph: "Through the Woods to My House."

Rothko: (animated suddely) I hear that it's quite hot at your place. I hadn't thought of that. Do you have cold storage too?

Meph: LOL. We've been through this, don't you remember? Whatever you want. By he way, I'm not signing Roth. I don't want name confusions with my talent. He bored me anyway. I hate to be bored.
Don't see what he offered.

Weiss: Hot? What happens to metal there?

Glad: Meph. Has anyone ever filmed you? I'd like to direct.

Meph: LOL. Just amateurs Mr. Glad. Would you like to try? I can make that happen. You don't even have to talk to my people. We make the deal right here and now.

Glad: I want you as the lead, I want Boito for lyrics and music. I'm taking Rothko for the sets.

Weiss: (Looks at Glad,astonished,throws himself up against a wall)

Meph: Boito I can do. Leave Rothko out. He's signed for another project, a series.

Glad: OK. I can work around that, I'll take Weiss for the sets, but I'll want a certain look. I'll need that kind of artistic control. No questions from you. You're just the producer.

Meph: Done.

Boito: (Now furiously scribbling on music paper, humming a line, then shaking his head and trying another...) where do I sign?

Weiss: I'm in. I'll need that budget, materials, that sort of thing.

Meph: Done.

Glad: We have a deal then? You're the star. Boito does book and lyrics. Weiss for the sets, I'm directing. And you're the bank too.

Meph: Done.

Glad: Editor? Do you have a good one?

Meph: Yes. I use a guy in a chimp mask.

Cypher, appearing on a chariot and lowered by a rope: Meph, sir, your greatness, I heard that you signed my Ma Ma. True?

Meph: Signed, sealed and delivered.


Billy Glad said...

Boito: I want to talk about royalties.

Meph: Bullshit. Nobody has less control over his name and image than I have. I took that shit from Dante, but I don't have to take it from you and Glad.

The Pope: And we're goddam tired of you quasi-religious artists ripping off our myths and rituals. And speaking of that prick Dante, some of those people were our friends and patrons. Important people. He fucking humiliated them.

Boito: You expect me to give you the opera?

Meph: Consider it an offer you can't refuse.

Boito: Okay, signore. But I'll never write another one. You can fucking believe that.

Cypher Blueman said...

Cypher: Boys, boys, calm down. Say, Mr. Boito. I've got a deal for you. A concerto for a cellist I know. BIG money. Have you heard of cross-over?

Meph: Cross over. Oh, yeah! Like I had Dante cross over that bridge and see the starlet? Or the James Cameron deal, cross over and down into an..

Glad: Not Cameron's best, really.

Dante: Don't talk about my woman, Meph.

Meph: Your woman? LOL. She was just a contract player. A one shot deal. And I did the shooting.

Quinn: dudes, shooting in Canada is quite a bargain these days. Let ME put together a deal, here's a chart.....

Coppola: Deal, what deal?

Pope: Finally ! A real artist who understands the Church.

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Can't you come up with a woman character in your play? Or is this just the boy's club?

What about:
1) Hildegard von Bingen- didn't she have all those visions and shit....
2) Queen Elizabeth
3) Frida Kahlo
4) Hillary Clinton

Work on it, guys. This treatment needs some girl power! I'll check in later.

Billy Glad said...

Glad: I want women in this film.

Meph: You're really a slave to it, aren't you?

Boito: Dante had women.

Glad: I want Susannah Superfuck.

Meph: Sorry. You can have von Bingen, Liz, Kahlo or Clinton.

Elizabeth: Sorry. I heard somebody mention that Boleyn bitch yesterday. And today you're talking about Queenly patronage being a pile of shit.

Clinton: I'm not going to be second choice.

Pope: Wasn't that von Bingen woman a witch?

Kahlo: Pigs.

Meph: All right, Billy. You can have Susannah Superfuck. You think she can sing and dance?

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Fuck me! That only took 3 minutes, Billy. You've made my day again!
I'm a happy GirlfromtheBronx! Thank you.

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Elizabeth: DANCE? But can she do the Volta?

Glad: Oh, she can do the Volta with parts of her body you never dreamed of.

von Bingen: Herr Glad, when a person feels himself disturbed by bodily stimulation let him run to the refuge of continence, and seize the shield of chastity, and thus defend himself from uncleanness.

Pope: Bless you my child.

Clinton: I’m off to China to do some real fucking.

Kahlo: Pigs.

Decidere said...

>Clinton: I’m off to China to do some real fucking.

>Kahlo: Pigs.

GftB, you are divine, even though I think Kahlo would have said, "Pigs. Pigs? Okay, what the fuck, me too." Laughing my ass off quarter to two.

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Billy's line-- the Pigs one, and the best of the day in my opinion. So I can't take credit. I just used it again thinking it could become a leit motif... And it sort of did. Great minds. Is my divine-ness diminished now? :(

Quinn the Eskimo said...

Yeah, but it was the WAY you said it GfTB.

Decidere said...

Actually, it was the "off to China to do some really fucking" that got it rolling. Our Vogue girl in Beijing, one big pork chop soo-ey.

Decidere said...

And speaking of Vogue girls and suicidal fucking (oh, we weren't? Machts nichts...), here's the re-tread of Gegen die Wand/Head-On that got crossed-out when Billy moved, actually a YouTube clip (sure, probably some of the clips are in English, but it's a fatalistic German-Turkish setting that probably gets lost in translation - think Wings of Desire without hope or Peter Sellers)

Decidere said...

Uh, Peter Falk I mean.

Antepilani said...

If you don't own Rock it just to play this song!


Antepilani said...

Meph: So Glad, let's talk about your next project.

Glad: I'm retired

Meph: It's in your contract (points) I was thinking of doing your book. Studio film, not this Indie crap. I want to know your thoughts on the lead for Julian?

Clinton: I'm seeing Kurt Russell. "Big Trouble" Russell, or "Thing", not "Capt Ron"

Glad: >Sigh<

Ante: Pacino, it has to be

Glad: You would

Ante: Not "Scarface" Pacino, More like "Cruisin" Pacino

Pope: That's what I'm talkin about


Glad: That's "Dog Day" Dumbass

Meph: LOL...Seriously, knock off the grabass. Glad, it's your movie, who do you want?

Glad: I'm retired

Meph: Whatever, bring in this Superfuck cooz and let's get to work.

Ante: Tom Cruise is good too

Billy Glad said...

Hahaha! How funny! You caught me in the act of retiring to the personal life. At one time, I could only see one actor as Julian. Alan Arkin. Isn't that strange? Cassavettes would have been good. Pacino is about all that's left if you want old and tired but edgy. Now, who knows? People create spaces, other people move in to fill them. Mary Blige is a good example. I always figured you for McQueen's space. But your interests didn't run in that direction.